The Tzu Ciao, Ziran and important initial steps in Opening the Heavenly Eye

What if I told you that the most important ‘point’ in your Daoist body was not actually in (or even part) of your physical body, that it (this most important “point’) was almost unknown to the general public and that the little written about it (more about that in a moment) was almost if not in fact completely wrong.

And, that the existence of this point or ‘aperature’ (ciao or qiao) was actually openly discussed in certain texts and circumstances, hidden in coded languages but clearly identified as the ‘mystery of mysteries’, the key to internal alchemy and immortality.

A big statement certainly. How could anyone be sure? Only through experience of course. And to claim actual experience and knowledge of this could be taken as crass egotism, madness (or worse).

I have written elsewhere about the wonders of the Tzu Ciao( zuqiao). I recommend reading (and rereading) The 5 Ling Articles for insight. The true method is described in some detail in Master Min’s edition of The Secret of the Golden Flower, published in whole in Master Wang’s definitive nei gong text, the Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong Shu (LBTZNNGS).

Note that is is NOT the accupuncture point Zu Qiao Yin (GB44) on the outside of the 4th toe.  but the Ancestral Orifice located in front of and between the eyebrow. The diagram below is from Master Wang’s LBTZNNGS (pg. 39, 2nd edition). This is the only image or description of the actual location of the ZQ I have ever discovered. It’s frequently quoted somewhat mysteriously, that the ZQ is located neither inside nor outside the body. One is entitled to ask how this is possible or whether it’s just more Daoist obfuscation.  The truth is a little more subtle. One is also entitled to ask how one can be aware  of a point that is not even part of the physical body. The truth of course lies (again) in the experience.

Initially one is guided in the practice of An Shen Zou Qiao, (Gathering the Shen in the Ancestral Oriface). The ZQ is the point of entry for superhuman consciousness (wisdom) to enter the body. Gathering is followed by Coagulation where the accumulated shen self-stabilizes. Eventually, after significant practice, the Shen stops (stays) in the ZQ.

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