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Santorini, anchored in Prideaux Haven, Britich Columbia, Canada

I’m looking for a small band (or bands) of keen Daoist (or Taoist!) practitioners to join me in living aboard and sailing, exploring the primordial rainforest that is Canada’s Pacific North West. The Land of the Salish people, totems, giant fir trees and strong incessant tides. Immerse yourself, greatly deepen your practice in the primordial forests, in untouched marine parkland and natural reserves.

For detailed information regarding my teaching methods and their background please check out previous posts regarding the Living Hour, Joining Sun and Moon, the Mysterious Orifice and other central points to Daoist practice from the menu on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Meanwhile here, I’m going to briefly list what I consider the major underpinnings forming the background of what I teach and the practices I use as methods.

I have received direct transmissions from Grandmasters in two Daoist traditions.
Transmissions in a Southern lineage were received from the Grandmaster of Luo Kang Qi, a Electric Qigong doctor from Poutou Qigong Hospital, Guangdong Province, PRC. Here pictured together in Luo Kang Qi’s house in Poutou. The Patriarch of this tradition is Hua Guan, a personification of DaMo, (Dharma), the Bodhidharma, 28th Patriarch of Buddhism and founder of Chan (Chinese) Buddhism.

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The Northern tradition was received from Wang Li Ping, generational transmitter of the Longmen Pai. I have now been a student of Master Wang for 17 years. I attended the first seminar he presented to foreign students in 2006 in Dalian China. I have written elsewhere about his teachings and my experiences with them. Most recently, in Chicago in late 2018, he taught the practice of “The Body Illuminated by Shen Guan”, the ultimate development of the third being-body.

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My teaching is a uniting of these two traditions.

The Southern tradition is that of Mio Tong, the “Miraculous Breakthrough” or spontaneous enlightenment (self-realization) of Damo (Bodhidharma).

The Northern tradition of Master Wang Li Ping and the Longmen is that of the “Opening of the Golden Flower” or gradual accumulation, the continual refinement of lead and mercury leading to the final accomplishment.

The Practice environment is open unobstructed nature (sea, sky, mountain, wind, rain, sun). Practice employs methods taught in formal and informal sessions, aboard and ashore.

Walking Practice: Zi Ran Huan Qi Fa
Tree Practice: Ping Heng Gong
Sitting Practice: San Xian Gong
Sleeping Practice: Shui Gong
Cove Wandering: Pilotage, Seamanship, Sail Handling, Anchoring, Ropework,
Weather Prediction and various other Cove Wandering sk9ills

My teaching is a uniting of these two traditions.

The allegory of sailing is that of effortless movement through nature and self.

Anyone sincerely interested n exploring these possibilities
is invited to contact me by email

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