Further on Reading the Taoist Classics

To the great good fortune of practicing Daoists everywhere, new translations of both available texts and previously un-translated ones are becoming available.

Most importantly Fabrizio Pregadio has added his translations of The Canton Qi, Awakening to Reality, Wang Mu’s Foundations of Internal Alchemy and Lui Yiming’s Cultivating the Tao.

Foundations of Internal Alchemy is well know in China, as is Wang Mu, the author. His clear commentary on the alchemic process from the late 1800’s may hold surprises for many practitioners, but likely not as many as Cultivating the Tao.

The common theme they address at length is the difference and relationship between the pre-celestial and post-celestial. Anyone looking for success in their nei gong practice should study these texts.

Then there is the Richard Liao’ s translation of Wang Li Ping’s Ling Bao Tong Zhi Neng Nei Gong ShuThis collection contains a new translation of a seldom translated ( Min ) version of The Secret of the Golden Flower as well as the 5 Ling Articles. This last chapter of Richard’s translation is a gem. Here, Richard’s imaginative phrasing in translating ‘impossible’ Daoist language really works. This work is the nei gong transmission Qiu Chuji, the founder of the Longmen Pai received from his master Wang Chongyang. Not something that can be approached with the mind intellectually (at all!). The author describes a process beyond purpose. With repeated reading, the aspirant may hope to find descriptions matching their own experiences in practice. This is both extraordinary affirmation and an unmatched guidepost to progress.

As far as I know this is the only English translation of this extremely useful text.

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