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Pandemic Practice and the I Ching

OK, so it’s now late October 2021, yes, 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic is waning, sort of, depending on where you are, if it’s not Russia or Ukraine. I’m where I’ve been since March 2020, aboard Santorini, 10 miles up the … Continue reading

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The Tzu Ciao, Ziran and important initial steps in Opening the Heavenly Eye

What if I said that the most important ‘point’ in your Daoist body what not actually in (or even part) of your physical body. That it was almost unknown in the general public and the little written about it (more about … Continue reading

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Permission to Teach

Master Wang Li Ping’s International Winter Solstice retreat, hosted by his translator Richard Liao was held in Dalian China in 2017. The venue that year was the old Hot Spring Hotel in Anbo Town, 2 hours north-east of Dalian in … Continue reading

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Jin Hua Retreat, October 21 – 31 2012 — Dreaming about the ‘Immortal Realm’

On the third morning of the retreat I had a ‘vision’. This would be similar to what is referred to in the west as a vivid dreaming state. You are in a dream-like state but you are awake. You are … Continue reading

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On Time and the importance of Timing for Self Cultivation and Nei Gong or Internal Alchemy

Chapter 5 of the Chung-Lu ch’uan-tao chi is devoted to Time and timing in Cultivation. This chapter follows up on the previous two, Chapter 3 covering Heaven and Earth and Chapter 4 the Sun and Moon. These preceding chapters emphasize … Continue reading

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